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Working with Joan

Kamala Thoughts
Vice President of the United States Kamala D. Harris

Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor’s Plan to Make Us Safer

"[Joan was] the perfect writing partner whose genuine passion for the subject and extraordinary skill with words are evident on every page. . . (she would) elicit information with the expertise of the best therapist or cross-examiner, and then wonderfully shape and polish the words."

Rob Thoughts
Rob Chesnut, former Chief Ethics Officer, Airbnb; former head of Trust & Safety, eBay; former U.S. Prosecutor

Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution

"[Joan] did far more than write my ideas down, she was a true collaborative partner who brought her own stories and strong sense of integrity to this project, and I couldn't ask for a better colleague in writing this book."

Meg Thoughts
Meg Whitman, CEO Quibi; former CEO eBay; former Chairman HP Inc.

The Power of Many; Values for Success in Business and in Life

"Joan Hamilton was the best collaborator I could have dreamed of. Her long career as a successful journalist and her ability to listen, synthesize, and inspire made this effort a success…Joan is a true talent and this book would not have been possible without her."

James Thoughts
James C. Morgan, Former Chairman and CEO Applied Materials, Inc.

Applied Wisdom; Bad News is Good News and Other Insights that Can Help Anyone Be a Better Manager

"I want to especially thank Joan O’C. Hamilton whose career as a journalist and editor allowed an engineer to communicate a story about managing human systems in a very complicated world.”

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